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Can I request to book airfare for myself and/or my group? Yes, it is just an option and you may be able to do better on your own; however, will also provide a method of transportation to and from the airport if you fly with us.

Do I have to stay with the group? No, you are free to spend your time any way you like. But, as part of the experience, may offer tailgate parties, happy hours and other fan gatherings that will enhance your overall experience.

Does your company offer transportation to the airport prior to leaving for our destination? does not provide transportation to the airport prior to leaving for your destination.

Can I extend my stay at the hotel? Yes, but will not be able to provide transportation to or from the airport for any arrival/departure days different from those set for the trip.  Please contact us to request additional nights.

Is my info shared with anyone? Absolutely not, please read our privacy policy for full details.

Does the entire group sit together? does its best to provide group seating whenever available.  However, there are occasions when we are unable to accommodate this.  Nonetheless, we do try to keep all members of your party together.

What if I miss my flight/connector? You are responsible for making sure you arrive at the airport in time for your flight. is not responsible for any losses you incur from a missed flight.

What if I lose my game ticket? Once your game tickets are in your group’s possession, it is your responsibility to hold on to your ticket. will make an attempt to replace your ticket with hosting stadium but makes no guarantee of replacement.

How and when do I get my game ticket? Tickets will be distributed once you arrive at your destination.  An itinerary for the weekend will also be given to you.

Can I have my ticket sent to me prior to my trip? Upon request, tickets will be shipped to you at least a week prior to your trip.  A $15 shipping and handling fee will apply.

Are flight changes possible? If applicable, changes to the flight itinerary are possible based on availability.  Passengers will be charged a change fee.

What is your cancellation policy? Cancelled trips are subject to a 35% cancellation penalty if cancelled outside of 60 days of your departure date.  Any trip cancelled within 60 days is non-refundable.

What if cancels the road trip I am registered for? reserves the right to cancel any trip.  In the event of a cancellation, you will be immediately notified, and refunded any money paid.

Do you offer any other trips than the ones listed on your website? We plan our trips based on demand from our dedicated customers.  If you are interested in a trip other than those listed on our site, let us know!

Can you give me the location of our seats? To protect your privacy and the privacy of our other customers, the exact seat location will not be disclosed until you receive them, from one of our staff, on location in your destination city.

What if I oversleep and miss my flight or my bus back home/ to the game? will do our best to ensure that all customers that travel with us make it home safely! That includes wake up calls from hotel staff and our own wake up call per your request. We understand that you will be “Experiencing the Next Level” during your trip; however, will not be responsible for reimbursement for any missed flights or bus services.